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The Best of - February 2018

February went way too fast and there wasn't much time for photography during this short and wet month. Here are some of the most popular photos from past month. Let's dive in and don't forget to sign up for my monthly newsletter to get the latest updates from the Isle of Skye.



Totarder House (1.2.2018) Isle of Skye, Scotland Sony A7R II | Sony 24-240

Totarder house from the Struan Valley by the west coast of the Isle of Skye was the first February photo on my Facebook account and it quickly reached over 17 000 viewers who loved the idea of the live on beautiful Isle of Skye.



On the way to Eas Mòr Waterfall (18.2.2018) Isle of Skye, Scotland Nikon D5500 | Sigma 10-20 F3.5

The trip to Eas Mòr Waterfall didn't work the way I wished as it started to snow shortly after my arrival and this photo was the last think I managed to take before the white clouds dropped even lower and brought a heavy snow. I was very lucky to manage at least this photo which ended being the most popular on my Instagram profile during the month of February.



Gesto House (5.2.2018) Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sony A7R II | Sony 24-240

500px is a different kind of social media - some of the best photographer on the world go there and post their creations. I also have smaller amount of photos available there and here is the most popular February photo with a pulse of 97.1.


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