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The Best of - June 2018

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Another month is over and I've been very lucky with many photographic opportunities with amazing sunsets, great people and lot's of fun. Take a moment and see my most popular photos from June 2018.



Camasunary Falls (11.6.2018) Isle of Skye, Scotland Sony A7R II | Sony 24-240

I love this photo from my trip to Camasunary Bay on the Isle of Skye. I went with my friend Filipe and we showed me this hidden river just above the beach with this stunning view. It's almost like from Jurassic Park movie and it was super popular on my Facebook page with over 6000 views, many likes and lot's of shares.



The Bealach Ratagain Viewpoint (15.6.2018) Lochalsh, Highlands, Scotland

Sony A7R II | Sony 24-240

Instagram is a funny platform, you never really know what's going to work there and which picture is going to make it to this list. Here is the panorama from the Bealach Ratagain Viewpoint in the Lochalsh, Highlands, Scotland. This photo was super popular and went for more than 150 likes in first few hours. Here is a cheers to the beauty of Scottish landscape.



Drama Over the Kilmuir Coast (25.6.2018) Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sony A7R II | Sony 24-240

This is personally my most favourite photo from this month's selection. The drama, the leading lines, the spirit is a perfect example of the fantastic images you can take here on the Isle of Skye. This photo went straight up on my PX500 and hit my second all-time favourite picture on this profile. I have already printed it for for my living room, how about you? Would you like one too?

YouTube - Video of the Month


Skye Postcard - Gesto House (17.6.2018) Isle of Skye, Scotland


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